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The Rome Auditorium offers limited parking of 105 spaces . 64 for auditorium, 6 spots out front for a total of 70.and then 35 for Carnagie building next door for a total of 105 5 additional handicap spots. Please observe all public and private parking regulations and signage.There are however over 300 more parking spaces within one block in any direction of the Rome Auditorium.


6th Ave Parking Deck

The 6th Ave Parking Deck is across the street and 1 block North of the Rome Auditorium. Enter the upper Deck Parking on 6th Ave off Broad St. You can enter lower deck directly off Broad St. Here you ll find 88 more spaces both upper & lower Click icon for map

Synovus Bank

Additionally there are 119 spaces ( 65 across from bank & 54 in bank lot) within one block of the Rome Auditorium at the Synovus bank at 710 Broad street. Enter from West 1st street which runs off Riverside Pkwy.   Click icon for a map

Rome Floyd County Library

Lastly there are over 108 spaces within one block of the Rome Auditorium at the Rome Floyd County Library at 205 Riverside Pkwy NE, Rome, GA 30161 Enter off Riverside Pkwy. Click icon for a map


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